Jackie and The Treehorns

Rooted in the basic tenants of a power trio, but borrowing liberally from all styles of rock, Jackie and The Treehorns are an Alexandria, VA-based band that plays all original music. Formed in 2009 by Steven Rubin under the guise of an alter ego and his band, the concept might be tongue-in-cheek but the music most certainly is not.

The bands music covers a wide sonic palate while Jackie’s lyrics touch on subjects ranging from celebrity stalkers, serial killers, and hitchhikers to oddities such as UFO’s, deja vu, and ghosts. If Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Sonic Youth, The Flaming Lips, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd and others combined forces to form a supergroup, well, that would be pretty awesome. Since that’s not happening we can safely assume that the sounds of Jackie and The Treehorns will fulfill our desires.

The bands most recent releases, Writer, A World Gone Mad, RU4REAL? and Do You Mind If I Wear A Clown Mask? were recorded at Inner Ear Studios with legendary engineer Don Zientara.

Jackie aka Jackie

Steven Rubin


Steven is a Washington, DC-area musician, producer, and songwriter that has played in numerous bands and projects over the past 25+ years including Girl Loves Distortion, The Corvids, and The Circle Six. In 2013 Steven teamed up with a fellow independent film-maker to create The Worthy Brothers who went on to release “The Jackie Movie” to a sold-out crowd at DC’s E Street Cinema. He is also a contributor to the music/culture blog Bums Logic.

Pat Kehs aka Jaco Treehorn

Pat Kehs


Bassist Pat Kehs has been playing in the deep end of the Washington, DC music scene for a couple of decades. In addition to the Treehorns, Pat is currently producing and playing bass in the original alt-country rock band BoxCartel. Heavily influenced by the progressive rock and jamband genres, Pat’s focus is on creating melodic and memorable bass lines that elevate the music and keeps the audience grooving.

Kirk Reid aka Gunboat Treehorn

Kirk Reid


A Washington D.C area native, Kirk will be playing drums as long as it takes him to figure it out. Creating music have always brought him joy, happiness, trouble and pain and despite his advanced age, he plans to continue behaving this way. Past endeavors have included writing, recording and performing with the mighty Dirty Campaign, Butternut, Electric Larry, Brother Shamus, Zydeco Crayz, BenZona and Floyd the Barber. Kirk stays busy working with Arlington based power trio Cart Before the Horse, hanging out with his wife and daughter and avoiding phone calls from anyone.

Former Treehorns: Austin Madert, Chris Martin, Zack Downes, Amit Chatterjie, Frank Caputo, and Eric Co.

All images by MadeInAbearica