Go Get Your Ghosts by Jackie and The Treehorns

Go Get Your Ghosts

Steven Rubin: Vocals, Guitars, Rhodes Piano, Synths Pam Long: Vocals, Guitars, Rhodes Piano, Synths Frank Caputo: Bass, Synth, Vocals Brian Gibson: Drums & Vocals Recorded at Ivakota in Washington, DC Fall 2022 Engineered and Mixed by Ben Green Mastered by Mike Monseur @ Axis Audio in Nashville, TN Artwork by Alfiandikid @ Kid Studio


Zen West

Baltimore, MD

Zen West 5916 York Road
Baltimore, MD 21212

w/Ever Green, Velella Valhalla, Lets Be Astronauts, & Baby In The Bitch Seat

O'Shaughnessy's Pub

Alexandria, VA, United States

O'Shaughnessy's Pub 1324 King St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
United States
703) 566-0780

w/Roscoe Tripp and Fields & Forests

Ocelot Brewing Co.

Dulles, VA, United States

Ocelot Brewing Co. 23600 Overland Dr STE 180
Dulles, VA 20166
United States
(703) 665-2146

Frederick Arts Council

Frederick, MD, United States

Frederick Arts Council 5 E 2nd St.
Frederick, MD 21701
United States

w/ J. Robbins Band & Gaspers

Jackie and The Treehorns - Made You Run

Made You Run

Vocals/Guitar – Steven Rubin  Bass/Vocals – Frank Caputo Drums/Vocals – Brian Gibson  Recorded and mixed by Ben Green at Ivakota Studios, Washington DC Mastered by Frank Caputo Artwork by Steven Rubin © Rip The Knob Off Music All songs are written in the Key of J.

Hidden Cameras by Jackie and The Treehorns

Hidden Cameras

The first single of the new decade from alt rock trio Jackie and The Treehorns finds the band heading into some new sonic territory, focusing more on soundscapes, loops, and mood than traditional riffs and expectations.

The songs theme touches on the familiar concept of our modern obsession with technology while also asking the listener to contemplate their role within it.

Electronic drum loop polyrhythms, noisy soundscapes, and textured guitars dominate “Hidden Cameras” while the hypnotic tone creates a perfect head-nodding track.

It's Never Too Late - Jackie and The Treehorns

It’s Never Too Late

“It’s Never Too Late” finds Jackie and The Treehorns expanding on their previous sound while exploring some new sonic territories. The eight songs represent the full musical pallet of the band and the songwriting has matured. The theme of the album explores the crossroads we all face when we realize we are not getting any younger, yet we still have a youthful exuberance that is now concerted with real-life experiences. Of course, all of this comes with the classic Jackie twists.