The Art Institute Recordings

Jackie and The Treehorns

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The Art Institute Recordings by Jackie and The Treehorns


  1. Window -:-- / 3:02
  2. The Life and Times of Mr. Happy (single) -:-- / 5:48

Recorded at The Art Institute in Arlington, VA in December of 2010.

Steven Rubin: Vocals/Guitar
Frank Caputo: Bass
Eric Co: Drums
Ryan Wynkoop: Keys

Produced and mixed by Michael Mufarreh and Dan Spencer.

Copyright Rip The Knob Off Music | SESAC

The story about this recording session goes like this: a friend of Eric’s had a friend who was taking audio engineering classes at The Art Institute in Arlington, VA and they were looking for a band to record for one of their projects. Mike Mufarreh contacted Jackie after listening to The Future of Adult Entertainment. Upon seeing the album cover Mike was under the impression that the band was a sextet, never really breaching the subject upon the initial conversation. Then the week of the session approached and Mike contacted Jackie to ask about the band lineup. “Guitar. Bass. Drums.” Jackie told him. “Wait. Your album cover has six people on it.” Jackie quickly told him how the band is actually a three piece, and at the time Future was being recorded it was actually only two people. The cover is an illusion, a photoshop trick that makes the band look like six people when in fact it is two people multiplied in the photo using various poses and outfits. “But I need to record a band of at least six instruments for my project!” Mike responded. Session canceled over a misunderstood album cover.

Fast forward a year or so and luckily Mike was given another project that enabled him to record two songs of any sized band. We booked a session and Mike, along with Dan Spencer, created some magic. Jackie can only assume they both got A+’s for their efforts.