Jackie and The Treehorns failed to show up for their “Jammin’ With Django” TV performance so four other bands performed instead. Watch them play the Jackie hit “Robots” to the amusement of their gracious host.

Mark Terranova – Django Treehorn
Bill Connor – TV Anchorman

Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High:
Luis Callejas
Marcella Stefanides-Frank
Todd Levinson-Frank
Terrance Weinrich

Clarice & The Lotion Baskets:
Pamela Long
Hannah Sternberg
Becky McHugh Tatera
Jen Fox-Thomas

The Treehornette Dancers:
Jessica Lombardo
Fae Fox-Thomas

My Dog Precious:
Sarah Blackwell
Andre Frank
Steli Frank
Lilly Terranova
Sofia Terranova

Ron Johnson & The Audio Consultants:
Rob Bryan
Jeff Kirchner
Mara Ranson
Jeff Reber

TV Cameramen:
Thomas Blondet
Frank Caputo

Video Production Crew:
David Aronson
Michael Hishchynsky
Ed Hatch
Linda Tsang
Jacobi Harris
LJ LaComa
Randy Gafner
Drew Fredrickson

Special Thanks:
Jackie Steven

Filmed at Arlington Independent Media, Arlington, VA in April 2019
Recorded and mixed by Ben Green at Ivakota Studios, Washington DC
Mastered by Mike Monseur, Nashville, TN
Album art was MADE IN ABEARICA
Copyright Rip The Knob Off Music 2019