How Much Does It Mean? (Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High)

Jackie and The Treehorns

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  1. How Much Does It Mean? (Buddy Revel & The 3 o’clock High) -:-- / 3:38
Buddy Revel & The 3 O'clock High
Buddy Revel & The 3 O’clock High perform “How Much Does It Mean?”

“Jackie fuckin’ rocks. Plain and simple. I don’t know what else you want me to say about it for your little album write up…except Jackie. Fuckin’. Rocks. Done!”
—Buddy Revel

Things have changed since Revel spoke those words to anyone that would listen to him after “The Monsters of Up and Coming Alternative Folk Rock with an Edge Tour”. Buddy Revel & The 3 O’clock High have since then repeatedly pointed to that experience as a breakthrough towards their understanding of rudimentary composition and song structure.

The band chose the Jackie song, “How Much Does it Mean?” because of its back story. “Jackie knows that I wrote that song. The Fans might not know it, new media doesn’t know it, but he sure does. He had never listened to good music until I played Rust Never Sleeps for him. The reason why I’m playing it on this Tribute Album is because ‘The Fans’ need to hear the real version.”

Recorded at Vanishing Point Studio in Alexandria, VA Summer 2010

Steven Rubin: Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Frank Caputo: Bass
Eric Co: Drums/Percussion

Engineered by Steven Rubin & Bear 
Mixed and Produced by Steven Rubin
Mastered by Devin Ocampo
Photos & Copy by Victor Nolasco & Steven Rubin