It’s All About Me (Alabama & The Dick Ritchie Valens Quartet)

Jackie and The Treehorns

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  1. It’s All About Me (Alabama & The Dick Ritchie Valens Quartet) -:-- / 5:03
Alabama & The Dick Ritchie Valens Quartet
Alabama & The Dick Ritchie Valens Quartet perform “It’s All About Me”
“When I first met Jackie he was this shy guy fumbling over his words. Little did I know at the time it was because he had a huge crush on me. Of course I can’t blame him, who wouldn’t? Let’s be honest here, it’s my influence that got Jackie to come out of his shell and become the man he is today.”
—Alabama aka Starlett Treehorn

While Alabama and Jackie are currently the hottest ‘It’ couple around today things weren’t always so easy going. When word first broke about the power couple’s blossoming romance the paparazzi tracked their every move. The attention their relationship attracted nearly destroyed the couple; however, Starlett and Jackie were able to fight through the maelstrom brought on by the tabloids. Unconfirmed reports of illicit affairs and the release of several sex tapes have done little to deter the love the two share.

“It’s All About Me” is the only logical choice for Alabama and the Dick Richie Valens Quartet w/ Jackie to perform for the tribute. The song was co-written by the music industry’s First Couple and has a theme that both contend is actually about themselves.

Recorded at Vanishing Point Studio in Alexandria, VA Summer 2010

Steven Rubin: Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Frank Caputo: Bass
Eric Co: Drums/Percussion

Engineered by Steven Rubin & Bear 
Mixed and Produced by Steven Rubin
Mastered by Devin Ocampo
Photos & Copy by Victor Nolasco & Steven Rubin
Guest Vocalist: Pamela Long