No Blues (Jackie)

Jackie and The Treehorns

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  1. No Blues (Jackie) -:-- / 5:06
Everybody wants to make a living 
With their opinion 
Everybody wants to believe in 
A chance to believe in something true 
Everybody wants to be forgiven 
When they’re misbehaving 
Everybody wants to be taken 
To a safe haven with no blues 
She had always filled a hunger 
To feel younger 
She had always dreamed of big lights 
And black, lace thigh-highs 
For her guy: no blues 
He had a genuine love for the old folks 
And rusty, old bike spokes 
He knew the difference between AM and FM 
In giving and taking with no blues 
They had a desire to start a new life 
Find a yard to fly their kites 
The kids growing up in the local school district 
Their social life public 

Recorded at Vanishing Point Studio in Alexandria, VA Summer 2010

Steven Rubin: Vocals/Guitar

Engineered by Steven Rubin & Bear 
Mixed and Produced by Steven Rubin
Mastered by Devin Ocampo
Photos & Copy by Victor Nolasco & Steven Rubin