Slow (Clarice & The Lotion Baskets)

Jackie and The Treehorns

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  1. Slow (Clarice & The Lotion Baskets) -:-- / 5:51
Clarice & The Lotion Baskets
Clarice & The Lotion Baskets perform “Slow”

“When I was a little girl back in Altoona I dreamed of the limitless boundaries of what my own mind could offer. I would sit in my bedroom and dream about him, and listen to his music. Jackie’s early records could take me places. Places that medication never could.”

To Clarice and her friends growing up, Jackie was a God. His profound inspiration pushed her to start writing and performing her own music, leading her to form her first band. My Dog Precious, went on to have the moderately successful post-pop-punk-new wave-indie-dance hit, “Are You About A Size 14?”

Clarice chose the song, “Slow”, because, “it represents the loving bond between the creatures we choose to have amongst us—and allow to live with us—in our homes. As pets.” Adding further, “when I sing the line ‘I will pick you up into my arms’ it makes me wish that my new cat, Fava, was more like my old cat, Beans, and would, kinda, like, just…jump in my arms!”

Recorded at Vanishing Point Studio in Alexandria, VA Summer 2010

Steven Rubin: Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Frank Caputo: Bass
Eric Co: Drums/Percussion

Engineered by Steven Rubin & Bear 
Mixed and Produced by Steven Rubin
Mastered by Devin Ocampo
Photos & Copy by Victor Nolasco & Steven Rubin